These are exciting times for cyclists in Cheshire! There is a lot of investment in 2021  on local cycling infrastructure to improve main routes into our town centres.  For those intrepid trail bikers amongst you why not try the cycling route along the TransPennine Trail to link the two towns of Altrincham and Warrington? There are also some beautiful routes along the Mersey Ship Canal or via Hatton and Daresbuy for the more seasoned spinner.

If you are looking for a commuting route into altspace Coworking Office on Moulders Lane you will soon be able to take advantage of improved cycle lanes between Bridgefoot and Walton.  On Chester Road there are existing cycle paths and the improved network will feature an 1.5 km stretch of cycle lanes alongside the Mersey River from Walton Bridge to the centre of Warrington.

In September the Tour of Britain will finish in the centre of Warrington and this will be a fine advert for cycling in and around the town.  Why not come in and see the professionals sprint to the line of the 9th September?