Future work preferences amongst our members clearly favours a ‘hybrid’ approach to work.  Workers would like a mix of 2 days in the office complemented by three work days at home or in an alternative workspace.

Our survey findings are backed up by a recent Deloitte survey that reinforced the demand for a mix of home and workspace venues. Managers can use this feedback to assist in allocating days in the office. Some future trends for small businesses include.

Focused, allocated days in the office by department or team

Greater flexibility on working hours to assist in care for children and family members

A mix of teleconferencing and physical team meetings

More collaborative areas in office spaces

Casual use of offices across the day and week ( 24 / 7 hours )

Strategic, regional bases with less reliance on a City centre HQ

Small businesses can now enjoy greater freedom by facilitating the use of flexible office space for workers and assisting all to return to the office according to need. The creative benefits of being together are evident and it’s becoming apparent that a mix of home and office working could lead to happier workers and more successful businesses in the future.

altspace Coworking Office provides flexible office space solutions with short term, affordable desk-space in accessible locations.  Currently there are offices in Altrincham and Warrington.

altspace ‘Return to the office’ survey Jan 21

Deloitte April 21