By Steve Upham : Director of altspace Coworking

It was lovely to welcome some young students courtesy of the Salford Foundation into our event space today.  The organised session by an office member generated a lot of interest from other guests who were really interested in the children’s business learnings from the morning and course.  Business people have so much to offer the community and young people however our common problem is finding the time or sometimes the motivation to help.  I believe that many of us overlook the inspiration that we can all achieve from mixing with an engaged number of students.  For me volunteering is a partnership with both parties benefiting in the long run.

On a similar note we hosted a talk from David Gaffney at the weekend who discussed ‘the art of flash fiction’ with literary fans.  The interactive coaching session was part of this year’s Altrincham Word Festival and brought some culture to our coworking space on a sunny Saturday afternoon.  It’s really satisfying for me personally to see our space being used outside of hours for a brilliant community event and it’s an added bonus that more people will hopefully learn about our creative office and services.  If there’s a message in this blog it’s to try something new or support a good local cause, you can make new friends, find new skills and maybe even help the future stars of our business world.