By Steve Upham : altspace Coworking Office

Are you struggling to find inspiration? How about your team, do they often surprise you and are they open in sharing their feelings on the direction of travel for your business?  If you’ve hesitated at all answering these two questions then you need to evaluate how you’re approaching projects.  To create fresh thinking it’s important to remove boundaries and promote open thinking.

Get your team away from the routine of their familiar workspace, mix up specialities and ensure that brain storming sessions feature a diverse range of skill sets and ages.  This last month we’ve welcomed teams learning sales skills, strategy sessions and social media tips.  We’ve hosted some amazing teams and witnessed the energy of Cheshire’s small businesses in our event space.

Taking the company or department out of a controlled setting will reduce their barriers and will encourage open conversation.  Remove the hierarchical mix and witness the results further improve, the less convention the better.  This bottom up thinking has been integrated into many creative sectors to help brainstorm advertising strategies and it works, trust me.  You can start small but can you afford not to mix things up at work and promote the unexpected?   By changing physical stimuli and reducing barriers to thinking you’ll be improving your business culture and in accordance your quality of work.