How open are you?

I'm writing this on the 15th June 2020 as many retailers are bravely opening their premises again after an enforced three month hiatus.  The coronavirus and subsequent lockdown has radically changed the business world in a short period of time.  We've found new ways to communicate and meet and we've managed through necessity to expertly … Continue reading How open are you?

How will Covid 19 influence workspaces?

Our coworking space in Altrincham is now back open for remote workers.  We are offering those that cannot currently work or find focus at home an alternative workspace.  It's amazing to re-open and welcome back some old faces this June who have missed our services and creative spaces here in Cheshire. There's little doubt that … Continue reading How will Covid 19 influence workspaces?

Businesses that started up in a recession

Is there ever a right time to start a business or venture?  This is a frequently asked question by entrepreneurs, freelancers and anyone thinking of leaving the corporate lifestyle.  If you've done your research and planned successfully there's never a better time than during an economic downturn.  Here are some insights from three companies that … Continue reading Businesses that started up in a recession