There's been some interesting studies completed since March on workers attitudes to Home Working (WFH).  Huddle (1) have discovered that there is an age split and it's largely based on the distance of your home from the company office.  The survey discovered unsurprisingly, that many workers really didn't like their commute. Best thing about Working … Continue reading

Flexible workers need flexible workspaces  Why it's wrong to write off coworking We have been welcoming back clients this Summer and busily preparing for some new arrivals in September.  Companies are now encouraging agile, out of office working promoting staggered days in the office and remote meetings via videoconferencing.  Meanwhile, many workers will have made … Continue reading

For decades companies have used large, symbolic offices to sign post their operations.  In 2020 following the Covid 19 pandemic these huge multi-storey Offices based centrally in major Cities are at threat.  The key current challenges are safety and accessibility and these factors will dictate the location and scale of future workspaces. The public transport … Continue reading

The importance of offering remote workers choice

When we look back at 2020 we'll reflect that this year and moment has changed our perceptions on remote working.  Business owners that have historically embraced an agile approach and invested in their teams will have prospered.  Meanwhile others will have floundered with the necessary adjustments that have been essential when working outside of an … Continue reading The importance of offering remote workers choice