Steps to manage Stress

This week it's the annual Stress Awareness Day where workers have the opportunity to recognise some of the side affects of their work day and it's impact on their health.  It's important to occasionally put this under the spotlight so we can identify our stressors and assess how we can better manage stressful situations. As … Continue reading Steps to manage Stress

How to Attract Top Talent

One of the greatest challenges that small business owners encounter surrounds recruiting good personnel.  During a startup period many roles can be covered by the owners, their friends and family. However, this isn't sustainable over the long term and it will only be a matter of time before the issue of creating and advertising roles … Continue reading How to Attract Top Talent

Meet friends and collaborate with us

As a founder of a coworking space I'm always attempting to define the atmosphere and let visitors know how beneficial it can be working at altspace.  It's friendly but not over-familiar, casual yet professional and importantly we have fun.  There are reported to be close to 22,000* coworking offices across the world now and as … Continue reading Meet friends and collaborate with us

Can movement improve your work?

There's a growing school of thought that mixing up your workday can assist you to be more creative and productive.  Attend any masterclass on being creative and you'll be encouraged to mix up your energy levels by moving between rooms and venues to optimise your output.  The next step is to interrupt a workday to … Continue reading Can movement improve your work?