The difference between a venue & a hub

The description and name of a meeting or event space can have a real impact on the customer.  The name of the space is highly evocative so it's important that the venue is transparent about it's offering.  For example,  there's a considerable difference in expectations between a community centre and an executive suite.  It's always … Continue reading The difference between a venue & a hub

How to Win Clients…

Dale Canergie's seminal business book was released in 1936 and has stood the test of time well.  It's still widely regarded as one of the best books to help gain confidence and project the best version of yourself to a stranger or new client.  It's entitled 'How To Win Friends and Influence People' and encourages … Continue reading How to Win Clients…

Steps to manage Stress

This week it's the annual Stress Awareness Day where workers have the opportunity to recognise some of the side affects of their work day and it's impact on their health.  It's important to occasionally put this under the spotlight so we can identify our stressors and assess how we can better manage stressful situations. As … Continue reading Steps to manage Stress

How to Attract Top Talent

One of the greatest challenges that small business owners encounter surrounds recruiting good personnel.  During a startup period many roles can be covered by the owners, their friends and family. However, this isn't sustainable over the long term and it will only be a matter of time before the issue of creating and advertising roles … Continue reading How to Attract Top Talent