Be kind in business

This February we welcomed back Alex McCann from Altrincham HQ to altspace to discuss new trends in social media. In a field that's constantly evolving and adapting it was refreshing to hear his opening pitch about the importance of being kind and respectful to others.  It's a code he's always stuck with and it's won … Continue reading Be kind in business

The similarities between gyms & coworking spaces

It was amazing to welcome back the Orangetheory team from Altrincham this month.  Our startup journeys in the town centre have coincided on many occasions with the team hosting strategy and  marketing meetings here before their big launch.  We've also empowered office members with onsite visits and incentivised memberships to their fitness studios.  There are … Continue reading The similarities between gyms & coworking spaces

What is Account Based Marketing?

We started off our networking evenings in 2020 with a bang last night as we welcomed Merce Cozens from Think Beyond to altspace to chat through some fresh approaches to marketing.  Many companies have long relied on a funnel based approach to marketing or a 'spray and pray' strategy pushing their messaging out to as wide … Continue reading What is Account Based Marketing?

What’s your water cooler topic?

We adopted the phrase 'water cooler moment' from our friends across the pond.  In the world of advertising and media it was the TV highlight discussed the next day in the shared kitchen over a coffee. Basically "What's everyone talking about?".  I'm not confident that it's entirely relevant now as live television viewership falls and … Continue reading What’s your water cooler topic?