There’s a growing school of thought that mixing up your workday can assist you to be more creative and productive.  Attend any masterclass on being creative and you’ll be encouraged to mix up your energy levels by moving between rooms and venues to optimise your output.  The next step is to interrupt a workday to exercise or take a short walk.  How can time taken away from a desk actually benefit you?

By raising your heart rate through exercise you open up neural pathways which can improve your mood and optimise decision making.  Research has also highlighted that aerobic activity improves your ability to multi-task and can have a long running beneficial impact on creativity.  (1)  So that lunchtime session or stroll can really reap rewards for the remainder of the afternoon!

One independent study on walking has illustrated a positive association between the activity and creativity during the walk and for some time afterwards.  (2)  Time out of your day can therefore be the most productive work aid.  A day spent glued to your desk would almost be counter-productive in a strange way and this should flip our work ethics.  By practicing an improved work / life balance you could be better at your job.

Here are 3 tips to assist you;

1) Meet on the go – Try and meet clients and team members in different locations and situations.  For example try a walking meeting or maybe a relaxing sport ( nothing too competitive ).

2) Find time for you – This can be a short 15 minute walk. It’s important for us to be released from screens and a sedentary position for a short time each day. It’ll mix up your day.

3 ) Book an away day – try a new venue for team building.  If you’re feeling brave why not climb a hill during a country retreat?  Different meeting spaces closer to home can also assist by reducing the time commuting.


1) Spark : The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain  Dr John Ratey (2008)

2) Give Your Ideas Some Legs : Marily Oppezzo & Daniel Schwartz (2014)