Is there ever a right time to start a business or venture?  This is a frequently asked question by entrepreneurs, freelancers and anyone thinking of leaving the corporate lifestyle.  If you’ve done your research and planned successfully there’s never a better time than during an economic downturn.  Here are some insights from three companies that started up after the 2008 financial crisis.


To quote on the the company’s founding members ” During a difficult time, Groupon was able to deliver performance-based marketing solutions to connect businesses and brands with their customers.” Stephen George.


It’s still arguably the best app name invented and started its encrypted messaging service  over 10 years ago in 2009.   The ability to work using wifi revolutionised communications  in countries and regions where it wasn’t possible to receive or join a mobile phone network.


This is perhaps the highest profile business launched in 2009 and it can be truly considered a disruptor.  The rideshare company was dreamed up after the former CEO Travis Kalanick couldn’t hail a taxi in Paris.  It was recently valued at $47 Billion.

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