By Steve Upham : altspace Coworking Office

When you return from a holiday or break it can be tempting to ring the changes after a period of reflection.  Over January many of us will have a spring clean, cutting back on unnecessary business expenses and maybe changing some of our services.  It’s tempting to cull non-performing costs and get lost in finances, insights and ROI data.

This month I’m going to celebrate the overlooked virtue of being persistent with your customers.  There are few metrics to assess this however, I’d bet that many of our core emotional purchases are driven by reliability and the art of being dependable.

– Why do we favour local garages over larger corporates?

– Why do long run family establishments commonly thrive?

– How have Apple and Netflix prospered in commoditised markets?

The answer to all three is affordable and can even be free to small businesses.  It’s simply to offer a persistent service over a number of years.  Yep, just be there.  Deliver when you say you will, post regularly.  Be open when advertised and reactive to customer enquiries.  It naturally helps if you have an excellent product and can offer consumers value.

This year let’s fulfil our promises and offer the commitment levels that we appreciate from others.  Then we’ll be talked about, have effective promotions, win business and so the cycle goes on…