When you return back to work after a summer holiday and some time out with family it can be tempting to attempt to get back into work mode within a week.  I’m not sure why we would choose to put ourselves under this degree of stress?  It’s of greater benefit to take your time where possible and gradually return to being your most productive.  When you go to a gig it’s rare that a band will start with their hit songs whilst they’re still tuning up.  It takes time for the levels to be matched, the sound mixed and the band to generally warm up.  So in a similar vein take your time and attempt to keep that summer zen for a little longer.

Here are some tips to remove the pressure when you return to the day job.

Prioritise and set goals – What are your objectives over the next 3 months?  What do you enjoy doing and how would you like to progress?  It’s great to think about this before you need to catch up or react to missed jobs.  If you can aim to be proactive it will make your gig more enjoyable.

Forget about zero inbox – Do not rush reading all of your e-mails.  Aim to read them in order of importance as opposed to chronologically and avoid the distress of attempting to get them all read early.  It’s not really practical or realistic and others will appreciate you’ve been away so should give you some leeway.

Make time for yourself – I’d recommend getting some fresh air during lunch breaks and having regular trips away from your PC.  Attempt to catch up with colleagues casually across the day.  There’s nothing more miserable and demotivating than feeling tied to your computer or phone after a holiday.

Eat well and stay hydrated – By eating well you’ll avoid the sugar rushes and crashes that can be a by product of convenience food.  So load up on fruit, nuts and slow burning carbs to see you through the day.  Also take in a water bottle and try to drink at least 2 litres of water daily, this’ll help you retain focus and be more productive.