by Steve Upham : altspace Coworking Office

Our regular networking event recommenced in September with an inspiring talk from Emma Nawaz the Managing Director of Blackstone Solicitors based in Hale.  Over 25 people were in attendance for the evening hosted with the Federation of Small Businesses at altspace Coworking Office, Altrincham.  The talk centred on some important legal decisions that you need to make when thinking of starting up your own business or going it alone as a freelancer.  Delivering the talk to some old friends and an engaged local crowd Emma touched on some of her own experiences to illustrate how important it is to be driven in business.

Blackstone Solicitors was founded by Emma who had decided to go it alone following a career working for established law firms in the City.  The company’s specialisation in Commercial Property, Litigation and Corporate Legal Services has seen it become successful and grow over the last 7 years. Focus is important when starting up in a competitive sector and can make the difference over the early years.  The decision to pin-point clients to work with has been beneficial and enabled Blackstones to expand it’s services and footprint.  Now with over 30 staff and three offices across the UK the company is an amazing local success story and competes for national business with longer established firms.

One attendee asked an incisive question.  Why had Blackstone solicitors been so successful over a relatively short period of time?  In response Emma cited her determination and tenacity to acquire new business as a key factor.  It’s significant to note that these attributes are universally important if you wish to call yourself an entrepreneur and go it alone.  When we face adversity or encounter tough spells in business it’s essential to re-focus efforts, roll your sleeves up and refuse to take no as an answer.

Further to the talk and introductory speeches our guests had a chance to mix and meet new associates at this free event.  There was some amazing energy in the room and everyone left feeling driven after Emma’s talk.  Our next talk in October centres on data privacy which is increasingly important in today’s digital world. Sign up early to avoid disappointment via the Federation of Small Businesses Eventbrite link.

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