Johnny Rotten once sung the line “I don’t want a holiday in the sun” and whilst I can appreciate his sentiment to see some history I often hear these immortal words when I’m working through August.  Many small business owners cannot take holidays during the height of our summer despite our visitors numbers and sales taking a dip.  Frustratingly the quiet times are perfect for vacations however, someone inevitably needs to open the shop.

With the spirit of the Sex Pistols ringing in my ears I thought it suitable to write a piece about how businesses and freelancers can adapt to the quieter periods in the year.  It’s a perfect time to rebel, mix things up and try things you wouldn’t normally do.  So here’s my Punk list for coworkers looking for some stimulation and fun this Summer.

Pogo with someone new – Take the time to talk to someone new each day on your commute.  If you’re feeling bolder then enjoy a lunch break with someone you’ve not spoken to before in your shared office.  Be open and make time for others.

Shout and scream about a new craft or course – the further removed this can be to business the better.  Are there local arts courses over the summer?  How about a language class, tapas evening or Indian cookery school?  When you completely remove yourself from your trade you’ll come up with amazing ideas in the most unlikely places.

Spit on your time-table – Many parents will likely be familiar with the necessity during school holidays to flip their schedule.  When it’s quieter why not start work late and enjoy time with loved ones or get to the gym during the early rush hour? Better still try switching the 9-5 to working 5-9 in the evening.

Thrash your inspiration in your marketing – If you do feel a creative rush then use it to re-think your promotions.  With a fresh perspective you might be able to work on some of the following.

  • Website
  • Refresh your social media
  • Write some interesting blogs or articles
  • Think of new partners