We have all valued our local communities and amenities over the last two years.  Travel restrictions have forced us to investigate leisure pursuits closer to home and small businesses have benefited from much needed investment from local shoppers. How many new shops and cafes have you discovered close by?

Now that we have more freedoms it’s important that we sustain our local businesses in order for them to thrive and to continue to deliver a greater variety of services.  The 15 minute City can be a reality for many of us if we continue to support independence and community initiatives.  In order to do this we need to do the following;

  • Buy local from indie retailers and outlets
  • Appreciate that this will cost a little more
  • Recognise the importance of face to face transactions, it’s not all about screen to door deliveries
  • Ditch the commute and work locally

altspace Coworking Office offers remote workers desks and private offices in Cheshire.  We actively support independent workers and small businesses offering affordable and flexible workspaces.  Cycle to our offices this Summer and try our new secure bike store areas in Altrincham and Warrington.