A guest blog from Babysits

Finding a babysitter can be a daunting task, no parent enjoys going to work and leaving their loved ones at home. Are you struggling to find a babysitter to work around your busy work schedule? Not all parents have the support needed to work away from home. If this sounds like an issue you have encountered then look no further. Babysits is an online platform, connecting parents and babysitters, their focus is to empower parents, allowing them to have a healthy work life balance. Once you have found the perfect babysitter for your family you will find yourself happier in your everyday working life. Here are some guidelines to help you select the perfect babysitter.

#1 Finding a babysitter

If you are not fortunate enough to have family and friends to help you look after your children, finding a babysitter can be a difficult task. How do you find a babysitter that you trust to mind your children? Websites and apps such as Babysits can be extremely helpful in these situations. Babysits goal is to empower parents and the babysitting community globally. Babysits believe in a future that incites easier solutions for everyday life.

#2 Meeting the babysitter

Meeting the babysitter in person before he/she starts caring for your kids is recommended. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your requirements, fees and expectations. Here you can make the rules and responsibilities of the job clear from the get go. You will also be able to gauge whether or not the babysitter will fit in with your family dynamic. It’s a good idea to meet in a public space such as a coffee shop so both parties feel safe and comfortable. The key to finding a good babysitter is someone trustworthy that makes you feel at ease.

#3 What questions should I ask

Don’t hesitate when asking questions, you need to know this person is reliable. Ask questions such as, how well do you handle emergency situations, explain in more detail about your previous experience. This will help the parent when deciding if this babysitter is suitable or not. It is also a good idea to ask some more light hearted questions to get to know your babysitter. Ask about their hobbies and interests, this can help you to get to know their personality. It’s a good idea to encourage the babysitter to ask questions in return. This helps the babysitter to prepare for her job and get to know more about the children before meeting them.

#4 The baby test

Do you want your children’s opinion about the babysitter? Bring them along. It’s a good opportunity to see how the babysitter interacts and connects with your children. Does the sitter make an effort with the children? Here you can subtly observe how the babysitter interacts with the children and vice versa. This is a great way to see if the babysitter is a good fit for your family. The stamp of approval from your children is an added bonus.

#5 Do your homework

Always check references when employing a new babysitter, it’s a great way to gain peace of mind. Do a background check, social media makes it easier than ever to ensure that the potential babysitter is suitable for the job. A formal background check is also a good idea, check their references and get in contact with previous families they have worked for. When checking references consider the families that have hired the babysitter previously. What age are the children, how many children are in the family? This will help you gauge whether the babysitter has had previous experience with similar family situations.

#6 Be reasonable

It is important not to ask too much of your babysitter. The babysitter should primarily be focused on the health and well being of your children. You do not want your babysitter over worked by completing tasks such as laundry/ironing as it takes away from quality time with the children. However, it is ok to ask the babysitter to complete small tasks such as preparing meals. Don’t forget to give your babysitter a tour of your home. Show them where the first aid kit is stored. Inform them about any allergies the children may have, and most importantly always leave them contact details in case of an emergency.

#7 Trust your instinct

After all these steps if something still does not feel right, trust your instinct. It is important that you feel completely at ease whilst at work. Hire a babysitter that doesn’t raise any concerns, you want to feel totally comfortable with your decision.

This article was written in collaboration with Babysits, the babysitting community in the UK