by Steve Upham : altspace Coworking, Altrincham

On my stroll into the office this morning I saw a row of abandoned fir trees waiting for the recycling collection. It’s a sad sight after entertaining a family over Christmas, however they got me thinking about alternative uses for the trees.  The trees are green waste so biodegradable and good for our gardens, alternatively if you can’t let go you could bravely plant them.  Need a coat rack?  Alright there are limits….

When we think of recycling and re-purposing our possessions we are perceiving creative means to get a little extra value.  Why does this only extend to physical products and why we do we overlook the process of upcycling our life experiences?  We all invest a lot in education and put hours into perfecting job roles, yet once we change vocation too often we just dump some of our greatest assets.  We wouldn’t do this with an old car or expensive piece of furniture, so maybe it’s time to re-think the investments we’ve made to get us to where we are now.

Here are some disciplines that could help motivate us this year.

  • Write down what your dream job is.  Next, list all of the experiences and training that you’ve achieved that could help you in this role
  • What are the easy steps to adapt your skills by just 10%?  Are there 3 week training courses at a local college, could you consult a colleague or mentor, what books can you read?
  • Take one step outside of your comfort zone every week. Have lunch with someone new or sit opposite a stranger in the canteen.  Say yes to everything for a month.  Do that presentation you’ve always been too scared to do.
  • Get reacquainted.  Try to keep in touch with colleagues from a broad background of businesses. Get connected on Linked In, attend more networking events.

By viewing your career as a journey and appreciating what you already know you’ll feel more confident to take the next step.  After all many of us find true happiness in the journey not the pipe dream.