The recent ‘Return to the Office’ survey completed by our members has illustrated that commuting is a contentious topic.  60% have not missed it at all with memories of congested roads and delayed trains inducing dread and stress to many.  The routine of commuting to an office five days a week looks unlikely to return as employers view alternative means of working. An element of choice in where we work could assist workers in the future to avoid rush hours and mix up their workspaces across the week.

A third of respondents miss the commute. It can be a great segue between home life and work and offers a division between the two environments.  For those that are fortunate enough to cycle or walk to the office then there are also health benefits.  Interestingly a study in August 2020 by Hubble HQ* discovered that there was a split in the popularity of commuting according to age and the distance that respondents lived from their workspace.

84% of those who lived 2 hours from the office found working from home a positive experience

Whilst 54% of respondents who lived in an urban dwelling closer to the office reported working from home positive.  The remainder didn’t and found working from the office more enjoyable and productive.

The former group would largely be middle management and executives who lived with families,   whilst the latter are more likely to be junior workers who lived in the City with house or flat mates. For this group an alternative workspace is really valued and is currently sorely missed.

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|* Hubble HQ – 2020  ‘Are we ready to ditch the office?’