By Steve Upham : altspace Coworking Office, Altrincham

Last Monday we fulfilled one of our KPI’s for the year.  Yep, we’ve smashed it within a month however, it wasn’t an overnight thing, we’ve worked on it.  For two years we have hosted our informal monthly networking sessions with the Federation of Small Businesses.  The sessions feature inspiring presenters from the local community who you wouldn’t usually get a chance to hear without paying.  The event is free to everyone.

There is a clear synergy between altspace and the FSB as we both support small business owners and empower the freelancers and contractors that use our services.  When I met our local co-ordinator Simon it was a moment of pure serendipity.  He needed a venue and partner sympathetic to the Federation’s aims whilst altspace needed to showcase its space.  We both knew there wasn’t an opportunity to causally network and meet business people in the evenings so we created the Monday night networking event.

We created a meet up that met a need.  In other words we have created something that our guests value and we’d definitely be missed if we shut down the meetings.  This is the key to running a viable business and something that I often dwell on during my weekly blogs.

Alex from Altrincham HQ gave an energetic presentation last week on how to get the most from Twitter.  We had a packed room of over 30 engaged guests and we’ll be back on the 18th February with Business Coach Mark Dyble.  We might need to find him a bigger room!