When you start up a business that’s highly focused on flexibility it’s only right that you should prepare yourself for some lumps and bumps across the year.  As a business owner I’ve found that you become highly attuned to the sentiments in the market and how things on a macro level can have a huge impact on your company.  The unprecedented volatility over the last year has taken a huge toll on our clients and tested the strategy of long established sectors and businesses.

Interest in our spaces piqued across the Summer as companies were given more freedom to trade and welcomed back customers. The second lockdown has dampened this however, it’s been impressive to see how people have adapted to new working practices and developed new products.  I’m conscious that this week in November feels quite significant. There’s a new surge of optimism from the US following the long awaited election decision and this has been felt across global markets as the political rhetoric subtly changes.

There is new optimism too surrounding a potential vaccine for Covid 19 that will have huge ramifications on migration, health care and travel.  The narrative of this story is still being written however it’s giving me and many others much needed hope as we look to close out the year and think of our strategies for 2021.  As a workspace provider we continue to offer remote workers from any discipline a safe, inspiring place to find focus.  We’re excited about our new virtual services, longer hours and improved technology and can’t wait to see how these can further improve peoples workdays.