There’s been some interesting studies completed since March on workers attitudes to Home Working (WFH).  Huddle (1) have discovered that there is an age split and it’s largely based on the distance of your home from the company office.  The survey discovered unsurprisingly, that many workers really didn’t like their commute.

Best thing about Working From Home – 78% replied that it was the lack of a commute

Pretty understandable so far however, when they did a deeper dive into this learning they also discovered that.

84% of those who lived 2 hours from the office found it positive to WFH

Contrast this with;

54% of those who live in an urban dwelling closer to the office found WFH positive

Working parents and those with caring duties are more likely to live in the suburbs and be largely older in average age ( Generation X ).

The Generation Z workers would tend to largely live in smaller, urban dwellings closer to the office.  They value an alternative workspace more and therefore enjoy WFH less.  Many would have to share flats with flatmates and hence find choice of space a positive.

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