By Rachael Haith : Community Manager

Work-life balance is something that we will all have heard of, but that we might not all find easy to achieve. It’s the idea that we should be able to combine our work and home lives successfully, not spending too much time in the office or staring at a computer screen but making sure that we are able to have some downtime as well, doing something that makes us happiest. It may feel impossible, especially when you run your own business or you’re working hard to pay the bills, but it can be done; here are some tips on how to achieve it.

Work smart, not long

Trying to multitask will drain you mentally and could result in you being less productive. If your workload is too much and it’s spilling over into your personal life, schedule it! 

“You will never feel fully satisfied with work until you are truly satisfied with life. One should maintain a healthy work-life balance by balancing your duties at work and your personal responsibilities,” said Dr. Manish Jain.

Prioritise your priorities! I’m happiest working from a to do list and to be honest even if I only tick off a few points it’s still rewarding. At the end of the day I’m still working towards my goals and being on top of my workload.

1. Decide on aims & outcomes of the day

2. Prioritise the most important & how you’re going to achieve them

3. Set yourself achievable goals  

This way you’ll be able to check things off quicker and will feel more productive and, thus, calmer and happier.

Make time for friends 

If you find that you are often having to make excuses for not meeting up with your friends because you have a project to work on or a deadline to complete, your work life balance is not working in your favour. Although projects and deadlines are important, you also need to make the time to see the people who are important in your life, and when you are seeing them, make sure you’re not checking your emails or thinking about work. This is your chance to think about other things and calm yourself, enjoying your time away from the office. 

Make time for exercise 

Exercising may not be your thing, but it’s something we all need to do on a regular basis to ensure that we are fit, healthy and live longer. Working too much can have a direct impact on our health, causing stress, heart problems…the list goes on. Exercise is a way to counteract these issues. 

Try to fit in some exercise at least three times a week, and gradually bring them up to every day if you can. The more you do, the more you’ll see how much good it is doing, and it will be easier to make the time to do it. 

Or incorporate your exercising into your workday; go for a brisk walk at lunchtime rather than sitting at your desk, or always take the stairs and not the elevator. Plus, when you’re exercising you will be focused on the task at hand and not thinking about work.