Why a mix of space benefits us all

By Steve Upham : altspace Coworking Office, Altrincham With the population of Cities fastly expanding we are in a period of rapid international urbanisation. Highly concentrated urban areas are in reality sustainable and good for the environment due to lower commuting times, shared resources and reduced overall energy use. A connected City offers its residents … Continue reading Why a mix of space benefits us all

Coworking as a Vehicle for Wellness

Guest Blog written for Habu by Steve Upham Wellbeing is a hot topic amongst employers and space planners. Through considerate design and well-planned services it's possible to keep staff happier and ensure that they are less likely to be affected by the modern-day stresses of work. All the hip tech companies are investing in dog-friendly … Continue reading Coworking as a Vehicle for Wellness

Could coworking be one solution to the ‘loneliness epidemic’?

altspace Coworking Office : Altrincham, Cheshire By the end of 2018, it’s estimated that 1.7 million people will be working in 19,000 shared workspaces around the world (1), and a major driver of this rapid growth are the social and health benefits coworking provides. But while working remotely does offer many benefits: flexible hours, no commute, … Continue reading Could coworking be one solution to the ‘loneliness epidemic’?

What’s in a name?

Summer Startup camps 2       6 pointers to help your Business Strategy By Steve Upham: altspace Coworking Office, Altrincham Following a productive period of creative thinking you should hopefully have a business idea or two that you can further investigate.  The real hard work starts now as you plan your business strategy covering … Continue reading What’s in a name?