Why a mix of space benefits us all

By Steve Upham : altspace Coworking Office, Altrincham With the population of Cities fastly expanding we are in a period of rapid international urbanisation. Highly concentrated urban areas are in reality sustainable and good for the environment due to lower commuting times, shared resources and reduced overall energy use. A connected City offers its residents … Continue reading Why a mix of space benefits us all

Coworking as a Vehicle for Wellness

Guest Blog written for Habu by Steve Upham Wellbeing is a hot topic amongst employers and space planners. Through considerate design and well-planned services it's possible to keep staff happier and ensure that they are less likely to be affected by the modern-day stresses of work. All the hip tech companies are investing in dog-friendly … Continue reading Coworking as a Vehicle for Wellness

Google discuss Digital Marketing

It was lovely to welcome back Google Digital Garage this August to discuss the importance of digital marketing for startups and small businesses. Akhra ( pictured ) delivered an entertaining 90 minute talk covering the key areas that you'll need to consider when constructing a marketing plan. It's difficult to condense the talk however, he … Continue reading Google discuss Digital Marketing

Could coworking be one solution to the ‘loneliness epidemic’?

altspace Coworking Office : Altrincham, Cheshire By the end of 2018, it’s estimated that 1.7 million people will be working in 19,000 shared workspaces around the world (1), and a major driver of this rapid growth are the social and health benefits coworking provides. But while working remotely does offer many benefits: flexible hours, no commute, … Continue reading Could coworking be one solution to the ‘loneliness epidemic’?